One team. Endless possibilities. CHS is Canada’s leading expert accounting boutique with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. We specialize in damages quantification, business valuations, and forensic accounting.

About Us

The Definition of Expertise.

We aren’t just experts; we are the architects of the industry.

CHS is Canada’s leading expert accounting boutique with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. We specialize in damages quantification, business valuations, and forensic accounting. Since its inception, the firm has assembled a highly experienced team of professionals who bring an insightful and collaborative approach to analyzing the key aspects of any financial dispute.

CHS represents a unique formation of talent and culture that has been cultivated by three pioneers of the industry. The firm was founded in 2010 by Principals Farley Cohen, Ross Hamilton, and Peter Steger, each with over 30 years of experience and recognized as a top expert witness in Canada. Our group now has nine Principals, each with over 15 years of experience working as financial experts on a broad range of mandates representing many of Canada’s most complex cases.

As a boutique firm, our expertise is focused and our independence is maintained.

Masters of Our Craft.

The team at CHS has laid the groundwork that has catapulted our niche expertise into the spotlight. For decades, our Principals have helped shape the industry through historic rulings, literature and precedents. We know damages quantification, business valuations, and forensic accounting better than anyone.

Our breadth of knowledge and depth of expertise is unmatched in the marketplace. The knowledge of our Principals permeates through the firm, and their work ethic is instilled in the entire team at CHS. As a collaborative team of professionals, we work together to deliver what our clients expect: excellence, impartiality, and unsurpassed quality of work product.

Not Your Average Accounting Firm.

As a boutique firm, our expertise is focused and our independence is maintained. We do not perform standard accounting work, financial statement audits, tax, or operations-consulting work for clients. We remain neutral experts. This allows us to provide an objective opinion and provide fair damages quantifications and valuations. It is crucial that as a firm, we continuously provide our clients with unwavering objectivity and diligent quantification in our assessments, reports, and expert testimony.

Why Choose CHS

No One Does It Better.

As Canada’s largest independent expert accounting boutique, the size and breadth of our team is larger than many of the Big-4 and mid-tier accounting firms. In choosing CHS, you will have access to some of the greatest minds in the industry with experience spanning decades. Our team has seen it all and understands the practicalities and challenges of your case. You can rely on our professionals and trust that our standards are as high as yours when it comes to quality.

As expert witnesses, you can expect us to take the stand with poise and conviction, delivering reasonable and fair assessments when the stakes are high. Our findings are adopted by the court and upheld on appeal, backed by years of experience providing expert testimony in hundreds of cases. We are known for our objectivity and independence in providing our opinion on the witness stand and in our report assessments. We are not willing to bend or break for anyone.

We know damages quantification, business valuations, and forensic accounting better than anyone.


Accredited training is just the beginning that lays the foundation for excellence, and when it comes to credentials our professionals have them. Our team consists of designated Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs), U.S. Certified Public Accountants (US CPAs), Chartered Business Valuators (CBVs), Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs) and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).


Experience is a great teacher and collectively our team has over 150 years of it. What that tells you is we have worked on a wide array of mandates across many different industries and jurisdictions. Our team has the depth of knowledge to tailor the proper approach and methodology to each situation, allowing us to analyze and organize the information for maximum impact and efficiency. We prepare clear, concise reports and provide authoritative expert witness testimony in court as well as in arbitration hearings and mediations.


When your expert witness is testifying, you want to be absolutely certain that their work will meet the standards of the court and be viewed as independent and objective. CHS delivers findings that are presented in a clear and compelling manner. Our Principals have provided expert testimony in Canada’s largest commercial cases in the Federal Court as well as in the provincial courts of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba and New Brunswick. We have also provided testimony in the United Kingdom, Caribbean, and Singapore and have testified as experts in many domestic and international arbitrations.

Our Approach

Expert Witnesses For Expert Litigators.

As expert witnesses, the majority of our clients are litigators, corporate lawyers, and in-house counsel. We also assist government agencies and corporate entities around the world involving a wide range of businesses, industries, and issues.

We offer a multifaceted approach that allows us to apply our expert quantification to any pertinent issue or case. We have a deep understanding of our clients and their needs. This is a product of decades of experience and an intentional choice to model ourselves in a similar fashion. We operate very similarly to our legal clients with a parallel business model and a sincere interest and appreciation for the judicial system and litigation.

We know that the best work is produced through collaboration. Not only internal team collaboration but client collaboration. We share a mutual trust with our clients, and we ensure open communication at every stage of the process. This means being responsive, delivering precise reports, and delivering overall exceptional client service.

We have a deep understanding of our clients and their needs. Our approach is collaborative, responsive and delivers exceptional client service.

No Room for Bias. No Room for Errors.

The ability to be truly fair and impartial is a unique skill learned through experience. We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining independence through the years. This allows us to remain impartial without corporate leanings and without bias. This is crucial to providing our clients with astute and credible expert opinions. It is our pedigree. We are client-focused and service-oriented. We take our time to ensure that our end product is perfect.

Being client-focused means that we are there whenever you need us. We may work on some of the most sophisticated cases in the world, but we remain open, down to earth, and aligned with our clients. Clients know that they can depend on us and engage with us in open dialogue, we pride ourselves on maintaining a team of personable and good-natured professionals. Our people are our greatest asset.

Community Support

Committed to Continuous Improvement.

CHS is dedicated to strengthening the communities where we live and work. We are strong supporters of many worthwhile charitable and not-for-profit organizations that work tirelessly to assist those in need and improve the lives of people in our community. These organizations are passionately committed to fulfilling their missions and we are passionate in supporting them.

Our staff take their charitable contributions and involvement seriously. We regularly organize and participate in a wide range of annual events to help raise funds and support charities financially. Many staff at CHS also provide their assistance by serving directly as board members, directors and volunteers for numerous not-for-profit groups.

Our team are actively involved in supporting many community organizations and events, including those highlighted below.

CHS is a proud supporter of numerous charitable organizations that are passionately committed to improving the lives of people in our communities.

United Way
United Way

The United Way operates in over 100 communities throughout Canada and helps to ensure that our friends and neighbours have the support and resources they need to not just survive, but thrive. United Way assists those who are struggling with food insecurity, helps those who are suffering with issues of mental health, engages with youth to help put them on a path towards financial stability, and assists those struggling with poverty and homelessness in our community. CHS is proud to have been recognized as a local corporate leader in its support of the United Way.


Lawyers Feed the Hungry

For over 20 years, the Law Society of Ontario’s Lawyers Feed the Hungry programs have fought poverty and hunger in our communities year-round. Lawyers Feed the Hungry provides fresh meals to those in need as well as financial support to agencies delivering hunger relief services. CHS is a strong supporter of Lawyers Feed the Hungry and our staff are proud volunteers in lending their assistance to the provision of meal services at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall.


Heart and Stroke

Ride for Heart

Heart & Stroke is dedicated to fighting heart disease and related conditions that tragically take one life every five minutes in Canada. Heart & Stroke is a leading funder of life-saving research and works to empower Canadians to live healthier lives, from preventing and controlling high blood pressure to getting more physical activity. CHS is proud to continue our tradition of raising funds and participating in Heart and Stroke’s annual Ride for Heart, which is dedicated to promoting health and wellness and is Canada’s largest single-day cycling event.